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This is a plotting page for any and all Pines false memories. Don't be shy to hit me up here, on plurk, or on discord (blisscent#0117) to hash things out and MAKE SOME MEMORIES!

1. She threatened the testicles of a dude wearing leather pants with a NINJA sword once.
2. She is a thief that can pick a lock in under 30 seconds with crude tools.
3. She's Russian-Canadian.
4. Aliases she's used that appear on her lengthy rap sheet include Kenzi McAdams, Kenzi Rogers, Meow Meow, Ninotchka Alexandrovich, and Toni Soprano.
5. She's allergic to peanut butter.

As of March, all real memories have returned except for the ones about Bo and some about the fae. She's repressing them super hard, but they're slowly starting to surface and it's making her question her sanity.

Fake memories around town:

- Works at a nail salon
- LEARNING HOW TO DO NAILS! That's fake as fuck.
- Has no criminal record (hahahahahha)
- Spent summers in town

Fake memories by character:

Brock Rumlow - Her fake husband. Kenzi remembers marrying him in a drunken Vegas ceremony with the pretense of obtaining a green card to live and work in America. She met him through her cousin, Bucky and Brock having both been in the military.

Bucky Barnes - Her fake cousin! They spent summers together growing up and she'd follow him around, wanting to hang out with him and his friends because the older kids were cool! She used to be a bit of a tomboy and was quiet rambunctious, often picking fights with her older cousin and getting him in headlocks and such. She also remembers playing hide and seek with him being a terrifying experience, usually ending up crying when Bucky got too close to her hiding place because he is a VERY INTENSE SEEKER! Bucky may have been the one to teach her how to hot wire a car.

Steve Rogers - Childhood friend of her cousin Bucky, she knew Steve back when he was still SMALL and unimposing. She's not sure when he got so huge, but one summer he was swole and Kenzi noticed. Or at least, she paid a little more attention. Still, it's hard to separate the super nice guy you used to follow around everywhere from the sudden mountain of muscle.

Natasha Romanoff - Other Childhood friend of cousin Bucky. Nat is Kenzi's role model. Cool, calm, and totally badass. Kenzi looks up to her and just wants her to notice her for five seconds. 

Jefferson - Local tea shop owner and friend. Kenzi's a regular customer, stopping by almost every day for a tea drowned in sugar and milk that annoys Jeff to no end, and the BIGGEST COOKIE HE CURRENTLY HAS! They were obviously pretty chummy beyond just a customer relationship because now he's living at her house.

Sarah Wenham - Former customer at the nail salon, now a close friend! Sarah is only a few years younger than Kenzi and is her go to girl when it comes to a night of dancing, drinking, and partying. She's so happy to have her close by.